Knowledge of ten different varieties of fabric, very simple to comprehend! Check it out!

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Knowledge of ten different varieties of fabric, very simple to comprehend! Check it out!

When determining whether or not a piece of clothing is worth purchasing, what other aspects of the item, in addition to its price and its appearance, do you take into consideration?

Without hesitating, Aunt would respond with the word "fabric!"

High-quality materials are essential to the creation of the majority of gorgeous garments, and the quality of the fabric is without a doubt the most important selling element of this garment. It is not only necessary to have fashionable textiles, but also fabrics that are well-liked, cozy, and simple to keep in order to earn people's affection.

A cloth with one loop

The most frequent type of fabric is called loop fabric, and it is utilized in the production of adaptable hoodies.

Among the many types of knitted fabrics, loop fabric can be broken down into two categories: single-sided loop and double-sided loop. It is quite warm and absorbs a lot of moisture, and it has a texture that is both soft and thick.

Drying out

When it comes to washing, it can be done either by hand or by machine. It is recommended that when washing garments by hand, neutral laundry detergent and warm water (30 degrees Celsius) be used. Additionally, alkaline laundry detergent should be used because it has the potential to cause the textiles to lose their inherent suppleness.

Drying: When drying looped fabric, the water that has accumulated must be shaken dry. If this is not done, it is easy to cause pulling and deformation of the fabric.

Ironing: You should always use steam when ironing, and you should avoid using dry ironing. A temperature that is between 50 and 80 degrees Celsius should be maintained, and it should not be allowed to rise too high.

The hair of a rabbit

Rabbit hair, which has a fuzzy texture, has the ability to soothe one's heart, making it impossible to refuse.

However, clients are dissuaded from purchasing rabbit hair fabric because of its tendency to shed hair. Rabbit hair fabric is a form of animal fiber composition that has a smooth surface, is soft and fluffy, is very thick, and has good resistance to cold.

To create brushed splices on the jacket, Burberry employs rabbit fur. This not only improves the feel of the jacket, but it also provides users with pleasant wrapping, which contributes to the brand's growing popularity.

1. As for washing, it is recommended that you dry clean. To prevent hair loss when washing by hand, pour warm water that is thirty degrees Celsius and add a neutral detergent along with a small amount of salt. Rinse the garments carefully by hand, avoiding strong rubbing; after rinsing, add a little rice vinegar and soak them in cold water for three minutes to maintain their smoothness throughout the washing process.

2. Drying by air: It is not recommended to hang the item and let it dry by air. In order to preserve the shape of the garments, you should make every effort to lay them out flat and allow them to air dry.

3. Caution: Because of the potential for friction and pilling, a sweater made of rabbit hair should not be worn with apparel made of pure synthetic fibers.

03 tweed with a gritty texture

"I am advanced, I am a classic."

Tweed was introduced into the women's apparel collection for the first time by CHANEL, and the "classic little fragrance" jacket is definitely something that everyone should be familiar with. There was a time when it caused a commotion in the fashion world, and it has maintained its popularity up until the present day.

Wool, synthetic fibers, and blends are the three primary classifications that are typically used to classify coarse tweed, which is also referred to as woolen. The fabric is one that is excellent for the development of products such as coats and suits because it is not only lightweight but also warm and has a comfortable feel.

1. As for washing, it is recommended that you dry clean. The use of neutral detergent, which is not resistant to alkali and cannot be bleached, is recommended when washing by hand. When cleaning, the item should be submerged in cold water for a brief length of time, and the temperature of the washing machine should not be higher than 40 degrees Celsius.

2. Air drying: Make an effort to air dry it in a cool spot for as long as possible, and stay away from direct sunshine. Wrinkles can be efficiently prevented with the use of wet or semi-dry shaping.

3. Storage: Wooden hangers can be used for storage and hung in a cool and dry place to prevent deformation. It is important to take the item out for ventilation at the right time to prevent the growth of mold and insects.

In the process of pilling, it is important to avoid pulling it off with force.

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