• How to Select a Quality Outdoor Fabric
    There is no shortage of desire to go outdoors and get close to nature. If you want to walk into nature comfortably, the choice of personal equipment is not so simple!Do you know all those functional fabrics on the market?GORE-TEX—the leader in waterproof industryIt has a leading level among global f
  • High tech fabric - Innovative graphene materials
    What I recommend to you today is a new type of high-end fabric, graphene fabric!Graphene fabric is a new type of fabric made of graphene nanomaterials, which has unique performance and application advantages. Graphene is a two-dimensional material composed of a single layer of carbon atoms. It has e
  • Best Quick Drying Fabrics for Clothes
    Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you a product that has amazed me recently: nylon quick-drying sports fabric‼ ️In this hot summer, exercise has become an essential way for us to keep healthy, but the feeling of sweating is really annoying, and this fabric really solves this problem perfect
  • Best Outdoor Fabrics
    1. Gore-TexFeatures: breathable, waterproof, wind-resistant. Gore-Tex is an excellent fabric for outdoor activities with excellent protective propertiesCommon uses: Hiking shoes, hiking shoes, jackets, ski suits, gloves 2. PolartecFeatures: warm, breathable, moisture wicking. Polartec fabric provide
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