What Exactly Is A Gilet? Buying Guide for Bodywarmers And Gilets

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What Exactly Is A Gilet? Buying Guide for Bodywarmers And Gilets

A complete jacket may be overkill whether you're at work or out strolling, hiking, or doing any other outside activity in a mild climate. A gilet and bodywarmer come in helpful here.

You may have heard of gilets, possibly because to the controversy over how to pronounce it, and wondered what they are and if they are better than standard mid-layers like fleeces and softshell jackets. But why should you think about getting one?

Winfields is here to explain everything there is to know about gilets and bodywarmers, as well as why these adaptable layers are suitable for cool to moderate weather and a variety of sports. These jackets are smartly constructed to keep you warm while offering a variety of stuffing options for different conditions.

Continue reading to learn about gilets and bodywarmers for cool weather and outdoor activities...

1.Down Gilet


Gilets are an excellent layering option when the weather is cool and dry and you don't want the bulk of a down jacket or the constraints of a fleece.

The sleeveless shape of a gilet and bodywarmer allows for full range of motion while still keeping your core body warm. Gilets are also fantastic for layering over a shirt, fleece, softshell, or under a waterproof shell, as long as they aren't hooded, which can be tricky.

Gilets, which are a cut-off form of a jacket or mid-layer, can be manufactured from a variety of fabrics. As a result, they can be made of fleece, synthetic insulation, or stuffed with down. Down offers a higher warmth-to-weight ratio than fleece, making it the best choice in really cold weather. Down is also highly compressible, making it easy to pack in your bag.

A popular misconception is that there is a distinction between a gilet and a bodywarmer when, in fact, they are the same article of clothing with different names. Gilets are insulated and down pieces, whilst bodywarmer refers to fleece and softshell forms.

What are gilets and bodywarmers made of?

Gilets, as previously said, are constructed from a variety of materials because they are sleeveless versions of other outdoor jackets and midlayers. So we've gone over each one in greater depth.


Down gilets, like coats, have a layer of "down" - fine duck or geese under feathers - to keep you warm.

Because natural feathers cannot retain their fluffiness, down is employed. This is why you could come across percentages while buying. This is the feather balance. So, if the ratio is 80/20, it comprises 80% down and 20% regular feathers. Using feathers has a high warmth-to-weight ratio, which means down is light but extremely warm.

More information: Complete Guide to Down and Insulated Jackets

Because down gilets are not waterproof, their biggest disadvantage is how they handle moisture. The down becomes clumped together as a result of rain and dampness. This restricts the insulating properties and also implies that drying time is prolonged.


Poly fibres, a man-made substitute of natural down, are used in synthetic insulated gilets.

These gilets have the same warming and heating properties as down, but without the thickness and superior moisture management. They also provide more breathability and are frequently less expensive than down.

Although heat is freely distributed, synthetic insulation can lose heat faster than natural down. As a result, it is more suited for activities in which you generate your own heat.


Fleece is a soft, warm, and lightweight mid-layer fabric composed of man-made fibres that is great for outdoor activities since it keeps you warm without adding weight.

The majority of fleece is comprised of polyester and comes in a variety of weights. It traps air and keeps you warm, and the various weights and features will suit a variety of activities. Fleece gilets are frequently less expensive than synthetic and down gilets.

More here: How Do I Select a Fleece? Buying Guide for Fleece

Because fleece is not waterproof but can be moisture-resistant, you should keep this in mind when wearing your fleece gilet. It will keep you dry in mild showers, but anything larger will cause it to fail.

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