How to Select a Quality Outdoor Fabric

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How to Select a Quality Outdoor Fabric

There is no shortage of desire to go outdoors and get close to nature. If you want to walk into nature comfortably, the choice of personal equipment is not so simple!

Do you know all those functional fabrics on the market?


GORE-TEX—the leader in waterproof industry

It has a leading level among global fabrics and can be used in many scenarios.

GORE-TEX: Suitable for hiking, traveling, skiing and other outdoor activities at an altitude of 0~2500 meters. It is the most versatile and waterproof, but relatively poor in breathability. It is suitable for daily outdoor and urban commuting people.

GORE-TEX Active: Suitable for altitudes of 0-3000 meters, generally used for outdoor activities such as mountaineering, cross-country running, and skiing. It is the most breathable of the three fabrics, but the windproof effect is relatively poor.

GORE-TEX Pro: Suitable for expeditions and technical climbing at an altitude of about 2,500 to 7,000 meters. It is the most durable fabric among the three categories and has strong water pressure resistance.


eVent——A low-key and friendly waterproof experience

Comparable to GORE-TEX in terms of permeability and water resistance, better air permeability. At 30% humidity, the air permeability of eVent is about twice that of Gore-Tex. At 70% humidity, eVent is 30% more breathable than GORE-TEX;

On a wet and rainy day, there is not much difference in the wearing experience of the two fabrics.


Merino Wool - a must-have warm artifact for autumn and winter

Merino wool is lighter than traditional wool, soft and elastic, and more warm. It is used in many woolen underwear and coats. The breathable and perspiration-wicking function is also good. It is very suitable for the next layer of outdoor warmth, and it is also a must-have mandatory equipment for international cross-country competitions. Among them, icebreaker and SmartWool are the top brands of merino wool. The main products are socks, gloves and other accessories, covering fields from outdoor sports to outdoor life.


PrimaLoft - an affordable alternative to down jackets

In addition to down, another material with very strong thermal insulation ability is commonly known as P cotton. In terms of structure, it has achieved the same effect as down, but even in a humid environment, it can still maintain 96% of its thermal insulation effect, which is beyond the reach of down products.

Although it is similar in weight to ordinary down, it has better abrasion resistance than down jackets. In addition to being made into mountaineering jackets, it can also be used for gloves, hats, mountain boots and other accessories that need to be worn frequently.


Ventrix - a new star in functional fabrics

A functional fabric developed by The North Face. There are thousands of small holes on the surface of the fabric. When exercising, the small holes open to dissipate excess heat. When the body is at rest, the small holes close to keep the body at a constant temperature. Provides protection for high-intensity aerobic exercise, ensuring good warmth and breathability. After the fabric was launched, it won the ISPO Global Design Gold Award and attracted the attention of the outdoor circle.

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