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  • What Should You Wear on Your First Dayhike?
    Looking through the closet but not sure what to choose? We've got your back from head to toe. Here's what to dress while hiking in each season.lady hiking on a rocky outcropping above Lake Moraine near BanffAre you about to leave? Read this post about the new Outside+ app, which is now accessible on
  • What's the Difference Between a Soft Shell and a Hard Shell?
    Soft shell and hard shell are two fabrics commonly used in modern outdoor sports, and they have different characteristics and scope of use. This article will introduce the basic concepts, characteristics, scope of application and common brands of soft shell fabrics and hard shell fabrics.
  • How to Dress for the Outdoors
    The three-layer dressing method is divided into outdoor clothing from inside to outside: base layer (inner layer) + thermal layer (middle layer) + protective layer (outer layer). Its connotation is that it can not only resist the external humidity and cold, but also quickly discharge the moisture in
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