How to Dress for the Outdoors

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How to Dress for the Outdoors

The three-layer dressing method is divided into outdoor clothing from inside to outside: base layer (inner layer) + thermal layer (middle layer) + protective layer (outer layer). Its connotation is that it can not only resist the external humidity and cold, but also quickly discharge the moisture in the body to ensure that it is as warm and dry as possible during exercise.


1.Internal sweat-wicking layer

The first layer is the close-fitting layer. Its main function is to wick away sweat and keep the skin dry. Sweating is normal during outdoor sports, so when choosing clothes, you need to buy clothes with quick-drying and sweat-wicking effects. If it is summer, quick-drying short-sleeves are good to match with skin clothes. In other seasons, it is recommended to choose quick-drying long-sleeves!

‼ Misunderstanding: Many friends think that the next layer should be made of pure cotton. This is a big taboo when actually exercising outdoors. Pure cotton clothes dry slowly after sweating, causing the clothes to stick to the skin. It is very uncomfortable in terms of body feeling. The body is wet and does not keep warm no matter how much it is worn outside. It is easy to lose temperature in a cold environment.


2.Middle thermal layer

The second layer is the middle layer, which can generally be a fleece jacket or a thin down jacket. The main function of this layer is to keep warm, mainly for cold outdoor sports scenes.And try to choose a style with a stand-up collar, so that you are not afraid of cold wind pouring in.

‼ Misunderstanding: In daily life, we like to use sweaters as the middle thermal layer when matching clothes. This is not practical for outdoor sports, takes up space and is relatively heavy; the thermal insulation performance is relatively mediocre and is prone to static electricity.


3.External windproof layer

The main function of the third layer is a windshield, usually an assault jacket and a soft shell jacket. The jacket can take into account both the waterproof index and the moisture permeability index. In addition to being windproof and rainproof, it also needs to be able to dissipate sweat and water vapor from the inner layer. All seams need to be fully taped. 




‼ Misunderstanding: Many friends choose a jacket first to see if it looks good. When purchasing a jacket, we should first consider the usage scenarios. For example, there is a greater chance of encountering bad weather while hiking, and the amount of exercise is also relatively large. We should choose a jacket with a higher waterproof and moisture permeability index. If the waterproof index is not high enough, it may not be able to cope with heavy rainstorms. If the moisture permeability index is too low, the moisture in the body cannot penetrate, and the quick-drying clothes inside will not work. It will be as dry on the outside as wet on the inside as wearing a raincoat.


Tips: In cold environments, water absorbs body heat 24 times faster than air. Any moisture in the human body system will reduce comfort and cause an obvious "wind cooling" effect. Therefore, in wet and cold weather conditions, keep Dryness is critical for comfort


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