Outdoor Jacket Detail Craft Trend

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Outdoor Jacket Detail Craft Trend


1.Carryable jacket

Back straps / letter print / contrast color straps

Consumers have more and more functional requirements for outdoor clothing. Using the webbing that can be carried inside can free hands and realize personalized design.


2.Side fly zipper

Side placket / double zipper / custom placket

On the stand-up collar or hooded high collar, the design of partial placket and double placket zipper creates a unique appearance. The design of pullover-style partial placket and double zippers with different lengths is more attractive to young consumers


3.Adjustable neckline

Lap placket / button adjustment / increase the amount of activity

Use adjustable accessories such as zippers, buttons, and Velcro to increase the range of motion of the collar, so that outdoor activities can be kept comfortable, and it also gives traditional items a fashionable street style.


4.Multi-purpose pocket

Back pocket / Hidden pocket / Large capacity pocket

Use unexpected small designs such as placket hidden pockets and back pockets to create super-functional additional pockets. Exquisite pockets can enhance the practical value of the product, and bag-style pockets can also be used to enrich the visual effect of the product.


5.Fashion hat types

Detachable hood / one-handed adjustment / stowable hood

Drawing on the inspiration of fashion jackets and technical coats, adding multi-functions to the hat, adjustable drawstrings and detachable or storage hoods to increase the practical appearance of the single product


6.Can be stored and packed

Self-storage / back pocket / folding and packing

The design that can be folded and packed by itself, turning it into a separate backpack promotes the balance between fashion and function of outdoor items, making it suitable for urban commuting and outdoor activities at the same time



7.Side seam zipper

Breathable heat dissipation / can accommodate bags / increase capacity

Breathable heat dissipation is a key function for jackets such as outdoor jackets. In addition to focusing on the heat dissipation of key parts of the human body, the slits on the side of the ga rment can effectively improve the range of motion and comfort. Try adding functional designs to the slits, such as Can accommodate bags, etc.


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