Sportswear Trends for Men and Women

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Sportswear Trends for Men and Women



Under the influence of this retro trend, the cross-seasonality and versatility of sweaters have also become the focus of attention. The most popular patterns with old-fashioned styles are used to create symbols that cater to young people's culture. The material can be Pay attention to velvet and corduroy to enhance the retro tone, the nostalgic and retro color system is integrated with modern design techniques, and the youthful vitality of the retro trend is displayed through collar shapes, patterns, splicing and other techniques.


Vintage POLO collar

The charm of the classic POLO collar is rejuvenated, attracting young consumers. The new season's lapel sweater adopts a color-contrasting collar and a design of rib stripe decoration, which adds bright colors to the single product. The V-shaped lapel not only updates the shape, but also well modifies the face shape. , The simple original cloth collar provides more options.


Retro preppy style

The splicing process adds youthful and playful elements to the retro college theme. The eye-catching color matching of the threaded neckline and cuffs is the key. The logo, school badge-style brand labeling and single-letter design are integrated with retro colors to create a visual effect of the retro campus in the 80s and 90s.


Half open turtleneck

For the pursuit of comfort and a comfortable and loose fit, the high collar design of the half open placket has found a perfect balance. The design of the colorful threaded neckline and neckline strap can attract more avant-garde consumers, while the button half open placket and contrasting color collar Add a retro element.


American casual style

Retro tones and retro street patterns cater to the trend of American leisure. The old-fashioned effect of the patterns and the text design of classic university fonts are full of the street retro atmosphere of the 90s. The design of stacking multi-letter badges replaces the aesthetic fatigue of a single letter.


Raglan sweater

Raglan sleeves are a classic deconstructed design of retro items. The simple clean lines and wide-body styles can attract consumers who want to see durability and retro texture on clothing at the same time. The contrasting color block stitching of the sleeves or The stitching of multi-color blocks brings a dynamic tone, and the pattern can be placed on the front chest or simply embellished with LOGO.


Colorful stripes

Stripes are a year-round favorite that is not affected by the seasons. Now they are also refreshed with calm color combinations. Even if you don’t use vibrant colors, they can still be very eye-catching. The classic horizontal stripes fit the retro preppy style. Try different materials and different sizes The striped design updates this element with a modern twist.


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