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  • Outdoor clothing: the fundamentals
    Clothing essentials for Nordic expeditionsHiking and hiking in the Nordic countries' natural surroundings and wilderness areas are undoubtedly more pleasurable with the proper outdoor apparel and boots. The following keywords serve as a starting point for selecting the appropriate equipment: Items m
  • Graphene Creates Future Textiles
    Grafren AB, a chemical producer based in Sweden and an Associated Member of the Graphene Flagship, has received its first patent for a new method of separating graphene flakes. Erik Khranovskyy, CEO of Grafren, discusses how this cutting-edge technology may be utilized to transform ordinary fabrics
  • Knowledge about down jackets
    Down jacket recommendationsOutdoor brands are currently divided into quite detailed categories. Basically every big brand has its own area of expertise Various types of clothing backpacks, shoes, as small as tents sleeping bags and cooking utensils. Today we will share the top brands for each track.
  • Sportswear Trends for Men and Women
    Under the influence of this retro trend, the cross-seasonality and versatility of sweaters have also become the focus of attention. The most popular patterns with old-fashioned styles are used to create symbols that cater to young people's culture. The material can be Pay attention to velvet and cor





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