Knowledge about down jackets

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Knowledge about down jackets

1.Down jacket recommendations

Outdoor brands are currently divided into quite detailed categories. Basically every big brand has its own area of expertise Various types of clothing backpacks, shoes, as small as tents sleeping bags and cooking utensils. Today we will share the top brands for each track.

【Functional Clothing】

Arc'Teryx (Canada), Patagonia (USA), The North Face (USA), Mountain Hardwear (USA), Marmot (USA), Black Diamond (USA), Mammut (Switzerland), Haglofs (Sweden), Norrnoa (Norway) , MEC (Canada)

【Ski clothing】

HALTI, Spyder (Canada), Rossignol, Helly Hansen (Norway), Peak Performance (Sweden), 66°NORTH (Iceland), Goldwin (Japan), Phenix (Japan), BURTON , DESCENTE (Japan)

【Down Equipment】

Valandre (France), Rab (UK), Berghaus (UK), Sierra Designs (USA), Eddie Bauer (USA)

2.Features to Look for in Outdoor Clothing

The temperature in the north has dropped sharply recently, so it’s time to put on a down jacket!

Four major factors that affect the warmth of down jackets: Be sure to read the wash label before buying!

(1)Fabric: The fabric should be dense and windproof. It would be better if it has waterproof and antifouling functions.

(2)Filling: Generally divided into duck down and goose down, goose down is better than duck down. Gray duck down and white duck down are only different in color, and the specific quality depends on the differences in other indicators. Goose down fibers are slender and have better fluffiness and warmth retention, while duck down fibers are short and easy to knot. Goose down has no smell compared to duck down

(3)Down filling amount: Down and down are two ingredients, and the common down filling amount is 200g-500g. The down content is the proportion of "down" in a down jacket. The higher the down content, the lighter and warmer it is. Generally, the down content is 60%-80%.

4Fluffiness: The higher the fluffiness, the lighter and warmer it is. Generally, the fill power of down jackets is about 450~500, and the fill power of slightly higher prices can reach 600~900.

3.How to Choose a Puffer Jacket or Down Coat

Hello everyone, have you bought the must-have down jackets for winter? If not, let’s take a look at these brands.

(1)Moose Knuckles

Canada's national down jacket brand. The fabric is windproof, waterproof and wrinkle-resistant. The design is relatively slim and not too bulky. However, it is a bit heavy on the upper body. It is suitable for small and fat sisters. The style is youthful and minimalist.

(2)Canada Goose

A relatively young outdoor brand, it is also a favorite brand among celebrity bloggers. It is very warm and is filled with goose down and duck down. Coyote fur and fox fur are also used in some neckwear, but some models are heavy on the upper body. , the style is more outdoor, the style is more obvious, and it is not particularly suitable for daily commuting.


This Canadian urban jacket brand has the same style as that of celebrities, and is worn by celebrities. It is mostly filled with duck down, so the fabric is relatively light, and the style is simple and capable, which is very suitable for daily commuting.


A Canadian brand with 100% goose down filling. It can be regarded as an alternative to Canada Goose. It has excellent tailoring and excellent warmth retention effect. Most of its down jackets have low saturation colors, which means that if you pull one out casually, the colors will look good. The style is simple and versatile, and the price-performance ratio is very good

Tips: When buying, don’t forget to check the down filling, velvet content and fluffiness of the clothes before buying.

The Best Outdoor Gear Brands

When choosing a jacket, you still need to make a comprehensive reference based on your travel needs, budget, and appearance.

1. Patagonia: Pluma, the blue one is Gore-Tex pro, which is quite resistant to beating.

2. Patagonia: Torrentshell, 3-laminated H2No material.

3. Arc'Teryx: This black Codetta Cinch Coat has a windbreaker look and a drawstring, which is very feminine. Made of lightweight Gore-tex fabric, suitable for urban commuting raincoats.

4. Peak Performance: Vislight Gore-tex Light Jacket, mainly used in multiple scenes, such as riding, climbing and skiing, can be worn lightly.

5. Arc'teryx: Beta Jacket is new this year. Suitable for cities and light outdoor use, as detailed in the previous video.

6. GRC: Domestic cycling clothing brand, Black Warrior Jacket. There are reflective strips on the back and a two-way zipper to make it easier to get things from the back of the clothes inside. It is more comfortable to wear a jacket designed by a cycling clothing brand when riding a bicycle!

7. Mountain climbing rat Klattermusen: Asynja Jacket. The fabric of my own brand is not the popular Gore-tex, and has a high windproof and waterproof index. The fabric is soft and has no friction sound. The pattern and desig

5.The outdoor brands to know now

Influenced by "Middle-aged men have three treasures", the content is similar to what I have always wanted to do, which is to [select the most worth buying items in the top comprehensive outdoor products]. These brands have complete product lines and are professional. If you want to find the "best "Housekeeping" baby, and only 1 piece, what do you think of my recommendation?

1.: Shanhao Mountainhardwear

"Big Nut" rib down jacket Ghost whisperer down jacket-Ghost Whisperer uses tear-proof ultra-light fabric and 850-fill Q. Shield water-repellent down, which is the strongest storage + middle layer model. In fact, its fleece "hairy monkey" "Also great


Bata's fleece Synchilla, an environmental pioneer, is an epoch-making thermal insulation material that is imitated by various brands. It is warm + quick-drying + not afraid of humid environments. Snap-T is one of its applications, suitable for spring and autumn. Retro-X Fleece is also classic and suitable for Warmer in autumn and winter

3: Klättermusen climbing rat

Mithril WindStretch™ Softshell Jacket is a legendary soft shell. The Schoeller elastic version of Keprotec+11% Kevlar AR Kevlar makes it extremely light and "invulnerable"

4:Arc‘teryx Archaeopteryx

There are so many good things about Bird, so I recommend the BETA AR JACKET. If you don’t go to the snow-capped mountains with an altitude of more than 6,000 meters, this one should satisfy you in all outdoor scenes and cities. It is a high-performance hard-shell jacket. Forgive me for not choosing a soft case

5: MAMMUT Mammoth

The Ultimate Hoody, the originator of soft shells, is the most popular. After all, Daniel Wu’s upper body is made of WINDSTOPPER three-layer windproof fabric. The outer layer is PFC-free (DWR) treated, and the inner layer is warm and breathable.

6: The North Face

You can say this brand is bad, but it is also the most popular brand in snow-capped mountains above 8,000 meters. The premise is the Summit Series series. The leader has formulated the Responsible Down Standard (RDS). It is the absolute leader in down jackets above 800+ fill (850,900,950).

7: fjallraven arctic fox

Hiking all-terrain trousers KEB TROUSERS uses its classic retro fabric G1000 fabric, which is water-repellent and breathable. It can be waxed to increase the waterproofness. It is similar to barbour. It has good wear resistance and can be worn for 10 years.

8: Haglofs matchsticks

It’s really hard to recommend. The brand is very hard and the single product is not particularly top-notch. Since I started out as a backpack, I recommend Tight, an ancient product from 1993. If you have feelings for it, buy it.

6.Dongmumucustom was established in 2009.

Chunxuan Sportswear was established in 2009. Has been focusing on providing high-quality sportswear OEM services. It has become one of the designated suppliers and manufacturers of more than 70 sportswear brand retailers and wholesalers worldwide. We can provide personalized label customization services for sports leggings, gym clothes, sports bras, sports jackets, sports vests, sports T-shirts, cycling clothes and other products. We have strong P&D department and production tracking system to achieve fine quality and short lead time for mass production.

Has been focusing on providing high-quality outdoor clothing OEM services. It has become one of the designated suppliers and manufacturers of more than 70 outdoor clothing brand retailers and wholesalers around the world. We can provide personalized label customization services for coats, jackets, hoodies, windbreaker, skiwear, puffer jackets and down jackets and other products. We have a strong R&D department and production tracking system to achieve good quality and short lead time for mass production.

After years of development, we have become one of the world's top suppliers and manufacturers of yoga wear, sportswear, bicycle wear and other products. Relying on modern management system and advanced technological process, we provide the best OEM service for customers in the global sportswear industry.

We have many years of experience in the export of sportswear to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia and other countries, and maintain long-term cooperation with some brand sportswear dealers in The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy and other European countries.

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