How to Dress for the Outdoors?丨The 3-Layer System

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How to Dress for the Outdoors?丨The 3-Layer System

Everyone is participating in the outdoor process

I don’t know if you have seen these situations?

Clothes are hot but not easy to take off

It's getting cold and it's not easy to add clothes

In fact, it's just the wrong clothes

This is the "three-layer dressing method" we are going to talk about today.

In fact, it's the same as usual clothes

It's just that the outdoors are more particular

After all, going out is not as convenient as changing clothes at home

What is the three-layer dressing method?

The rule of three layers of clothing often refers to: inner, middle and outer

Inner layer: quick-drying moisture-wicking layer to keep the body dry and comfortable

Middle layer: Insulation layer, choose clothes of different thicknesses to maintain body heat balance, maintain body temperature and discharge excess sweat

Outer layer: protective layer, rainproof, windproof and scratchproof

How to choose?


Base layer (inner layer): Also called quick-drying layer, close-fitting clothing must have moisture-wicking, quick-drying and breathable functions, such as quick-drying T-shirts, tights or compression clothing. Do not wear cotton clothes close to the body, as sweat sticks to the body, especially easy to catch a cold

✅Purpose: Moisture conduction + keep dry

✅Function: regulate body temperature + expel water

✅Material: Tight body + temperature lock

Wool: Excellent base layer for next-to-body, keeps warm even when wet, and can cope with fluctuating temperature conditions

Insufficient: Not tear-resistant

Suitable for: hiking, mountaineering

Synthetic materials: Man-made fabrics based on polypropylene or polyester materials are non-itchy, tend to be less expensive than wool, are more durable, and dry faster

Insufficient: easy to retain smell

Suitable for: rock climbing, ice climbing


Warm layer (middle layer): mainly sports sweaters, sanded, fleece material or professional sports thermal vest

✅Purpose: Remove moisture + retain heat

✅Function: insulation + ventilation

✅Material: Warm + Perspiration

Fleece: Excellent warmth retention and perspiration, light, durable, easy to dry, non-absorbent, new windproof fleece, but not as breathable as before

Down: When the weather is colder, you can choose a down jacket to keep out the cold


Isolation layer (outer layer): mainly jackets, which have the functions of windproof, rainproof, snowproof and scratchproof

✅Purpose: to cope with harsh environments

✅Function: rainproof + breathable

✅Material: Low Weight + Packing Capacity

Waterproof and breathable fabric: mostly made of Gore-Tex or eVent laminated, sometimes with economical fabric coating, suitable for high-strength and high-wind and rain environments

Water-repellent and breathable fabrics: usually dense woven fabrics, such as lightweight tear-resistant nylon, suitable for high-strength and low-wind and rain environments.

Soft shell: Emphasis on breathability, usually elastic fabrics and spliced blended fabrics, increase the comfort of aerobic exercise, suitable for low wind and rain environments

During outdoor travel

Be sure to choose warm clothes to maintain heat balance

In addition, prepare some cold medicines

get ready to travel


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