How To Choose The Right Outdoor Gear For Your Needs?

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How To Choose The Right Outdoor Gear For Your Needs?

Here is a small daily outdoor class, which aims to systematically share the basic knowledge of outdoor sports and help novice Xiaobai quickly grow into an experienced outdoor traveler.

Starting from this issue, we enter the chapter on how to choose outdoor clothing and equipment.

Let's start with the most basic outdoor sports clothing.

The choice of clothing for outdoor hiking and mountaineering is closely related to the environment and changes with the environment. No matter in any season, keeping warm is very important. In some areas, nighttime temperatures can drop sharply, even in summer. If you are hiking or doing outdoor activities in winter, it is even more important to choose warm clothing.

The purpose of clothing is to keep warm, protect and make the human body feel comfortable.

Therefore, it is not to say that the more you wear, the better, and you must also consider comfort. When you're hot you need to take off your clothes and don't let yourself sweat profusely. Of course, it is easy to reduce clothes, but difficult to increase clothes. What we consider here is the most suitable equipment to meet the needs of the environment.

In order to maintain a normal temperature, when choosing clothing, we must first understand the four ways the body loses heat:

◎Convection: There are three factors related to the environment and the heat loss of the human body: wind speed, humidity, and temperature. The human body is in a static environment, and the heat loss is less. If there is wind, the flowing air can continuously take heat away from the human body surface. This wind-chill effect makes the body temperature significantly lower when there is wind. Below 0 degrees, the lower the temperature, the greater the humidity, and the more significant the wind chill effect. The factors that can accelerate the loss of body heat are moisture in addition to wind. After the clothes are soaked, their insulating effect is reduced by about 39%, and the cooling capacity of water is 23 times higher than that of air. Therefore, if the clothes and pants are wet, the body temperature will be quickly cooled by water, and travelers will soon feel It was unbearably cold. At this time, in case of cold wind, especially in the high mountain environment, the possibility of frostbite will increase significantly.

◎ Conduction: direct contact with cold source, resulting in heat loss.

◎Evaporation: Most of the waste heat is lost through this way, such as sweating.

◎Radiation: Only a small amount of heat is lost through this route.

Therefore, outdoor travelers must prepare clothing with better sweat-wicking, quick-drying, warming, windproof, waterproof and breathable properties.


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