Which winter jacket is ideal for women?

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Which winter jacket is ideal for women?

You want to know which jacket is the greatest for winter since you want to get new things for the next winter season. It's difficult to say because every jacket we offer is unique. However, we can assist you in determining what you require and the kinds of jackets that would best suit you based on your preferences.

Which Jacket Should I Wear for Cold Weather vs. Extreme Cold?

You must be aware that the level of insulation you will require will vary depending on the climate and sort of cold you will experience. At Columbia, we've created a number of internally reflecting technologies that will keep you warm and cozy wherever you are:

Please, also note that puffers and parkas are the heaviest jackets, which will provide great insulation on top of Columbia insulation technologies.

Which Jacket Should I Buy for Cold-Weather Sport and Outdoor Activities?

It's crucial to note a few things if you plan to be active and participate in outdoor sports. In order to move comfortably while being protected from the weather, your winter jacket must first be lightweight. Our premium down coats are among the greatest choices for participating in outdoor activities. These jackets' natural down insulation, which is composed of goose or duck feathers, offers excellent warmth. In fact, synthetically insulated jackets (such as those filled with polyester or recycled polyester) are recognized for being heavier than down coats, which are noted for being lighter. They may also be easily compressed and stowed away in a backpack.

Multiple-pocket winter jackets

Additionally, you can search for a jacket with numerous storage pockets, as this feature is very helpful when trekking or engaging in other outdoor activities. Many pockets, including an inside secure pocket to store your necessities, are offered by some of our jackets.

We advise choosing a wind-resistant jacket if you intend to spend a lot of time outside. Because the weather can be erratic at times, you should be ready for everything, including heavy rain, wind, and cold.

What Type of Jacket Is Best for Urban Activities?

We advise choosing a puffer jacket or a parka if you're visiting a city or require a warm jacket for your regular urban life. Our parkas, puffer coats for men and women, and other outerwear are fashionable, trendy, and incredibly warm and comfortable.

Which Coat Will Keep You Dry and Warm?

Do you require a multipurpose outerwear that can shield you from rain and the cold? A parka is an excellent choice in that case. Parka coats are waterproof and offer excellent insulation. This means that no matter what, you will always keep warm, dry, and shielded from the rain.

Some other jackets also are water-resistant or waterproof, please use our filters to find the jacket that fits you perfectly!

Winter jackets for women are available in different colours (classic or more flashy), designs, shape, length (mid-long, longer, cropped, adjustable...).

What's So Great About a Puffer Jacket for Women?

Women's puffer coats have evolved into a must for every woman's closet. This winter, there are many different colors, styles, lengths, and designs of outerwear to keep you warm. Do you want to know why Columbia's store is the best place to get a puffer jacket? Hold on to us!

The degree of warmth provided by a puffer jacket is one of the key justifications for doing so. Columbia The purpose of puffer jackets is to keep you warm during chilly weather. Typically, they are lined with materials that trap your body heat and keep you warm, like as down feathers or synthetic fibers like polyester or regenerated polyester. You can use the "level of warmth" option on our website to help you locate the ideal match. Additionally, you can contrast our inner reflective technologies to see which is best for you. Check them out to see which are made for colder weather and which are for cooler weather.


Even though they provide excellent insulation, quilted jackets are frequently surprisingly light, which makes them very comfortable to wear. Puffer coats made of down are renowned for being exceptionally light and portable. Let's look at it!


The versatility of both men's and women's puffer jackets makes them excellent winter clothing choices. To help you blend with your outerwear, Columbia offers a variety of colors, shapes, and features. For instance, you can purchase:

Cropped puffer jackets have a shorter length for a fashionable appearance.

Puffer jackets that are too big are a chic urban look.Big-baffled puffer jackets have a highly fashionable and urban appearance.It is best to wear lightweight clothing with small baffles when the weather is chilly.Hooded Puffer Jackets: A great garment for keeping you dry in the rain. Some items come with a detachable hood.

Puffer coats with several pockets are a terrific way to keep your essentials safe and weatherproof. Some of our brand's pieces even include an inside security pocket for storing your most susceptible goods when trekking or participating in any other outdoor activity.

And there are many more...

Puffer coats can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and they offer excellent insulation.


No worries if you need a puffer jacket to keep you warm and dry in the rain!

There are numerous puffers available that are made of water-repellent or waterproof fabrics. This style of outerwear will keep you dry in wet and snowy weather.

Puffers that can be packed

We also have packable puffers in stock for both large and small puffers! These are ideal for an early spring urban city walk when the temperatures are still cold but the sun may appear.

Trendy Puffer jackets have been a fashion standard for many years, and they continue to be trendy today. They do, after all, provide a classic yet fashionable style that may boost any dress and layers you wear.

What's the Difference Between a Puffer Jacket and a Parka?

Puffer jackets and winter parkas are two terrific outwear options for keeping warm this winter. They may appear to be pretty similar, but there are a few distinctions to note so that you can fully evaluate them and choose the best match. Let's have a look at the distinctions between a puffer jacket and a parka!

Form and Appearance

First and foremost, let's discuss their design and fashion sense. Parka coats are distinguished by their length, which can extend below the waist or to the mid-thigh. They also frequently have a faux-fur trimmed hood for increased warmth and protection against rain, wind, and cold (at Columbia, we only use faux-fur).

They come in different colours and patterns so you have stylish options to choose from.

Men's and women's puffer coats, on the other hand, are often shorter in length. Short, cropped, and mid-length puffer coats, for example, are available in our Columbia online store. A few puffer insulated jackets also have a quilted style that is filled with down or synthetic insulation. They might have large baffles for a more urban look, or small baffles for a lighter jacket. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, features (many pockets, packable...), and styles.


A parka winter coat is more of a winter item that is worn for specific activities. In other words, they are ideal for urban activities but less suitable for sporting ones.

Furthermore, parkas are typically waterproof and water-resistant, making them ideal for sports where insulation is more vital than activity level. They are fashionable and functional, and can be insulated with down or synthetic fabrics such as polyester or recycled polyester.

Puffer coats, which come in a variety of styles, can be worn in the city as well as for outdoor activities. Some puffers are lightweight, compact, and easy to transport, making them ideal for hiking or other outdoor activities. They may defend you from mild to extreme cold temperatures, keeping you warm and comfortable in any weather circumstances, depending on our inner reflective technologies.

The Parka's History

The Inuit of the Canadian Arctic designed the parka before the puffy jacket. It was known as "Amauti," and the jacket was mainly constructed of caribou skin and was occasionally covered with fish oil. They built it to shelter them from the freezing temperatures.

The term "parka" as we know it derives from the Nenets language, which is used by the indigenous people of northern Russia. These people, like the Inuit, used to construct parkas out of animal skins. Parkas were later worn and employed by military soldiers throughout WWII for their warmth and durability.

The History of the Puffer Jacket

The puffer jacket has been invented in the 30s in the US. At first, it was designed and developed only to protect from the cold during outdoor activities like fishing or hiking, and had absolutely no fashion value. Over the years, it became a must-have in any woman's wardrobe and one of the best winter jackets options.

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