What Is the Difference Between a Sweatshirt and a Jumper?

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What Is the Difference Between a Sweatshirt and a Jumper?

You've undoubtedly heard of, and possibly own, jumpers and sweatshirts, whether you're shopping for them or chatting about them.But what exactly is the distinction between a jumper and a sweatshirt?It's quite simple to understand.

Sweaters vs Jumpers

A jumper is a type of apparel that is often knitted with wool or a mix or blend of fabrics such as wool. They can be quite lightweight and have a V-neck or round neck. Knitwear is another term for jumpers.

A sweatshirt is constructed of a thicker material, usually cotton. Cotton can be replaced by polyester or a combination of the two.

Cotton is technically knitted throughout the production process. However, it is a very tight knit, resulting in a smooth to the touch surface.

A jumper is regarded more formal than a sweatshirt in terms of dress code. You may layer a jumper with a shirt and a jacket as a third layer. A sweatshirt is a more casual piece of clothing that may be worn without an underlayer.

Jumpers are often more subdued in terms of design. They're usually simple, however they might feature patterns like stripes or geometric forms. Sweatshirts, on the other hand, have no design constraints. They might be simple, patterned, or decorated with little or huge images.

You can find all of the information you need about sweatshirts and jumpers in my guides on both pieces of apparel.

weaters, Sweatshirts, and Jumpers: What's the Difference?

You may have heard the word sweater. Is it a sweatshirt, a sweater, or something else?

A sweater and a jumper are the same thing. Everything boils down to British vs. American English.

The term sweater is often used in American English, whilst the term jumper is used in the United Kingdom. Sweaters and jumpers are therefore interchangeable.

That's it for the distinction between jumpers and sweatshirts. Both are crucial components of a man's clothing. A sweatshirt is the ultimate in comfort for more informal, relaxed, and laid-back circumstances.

A jumper is the best method to add another layer while still looking put-together.

Check out the men's fashion guide for additional fashion advice to help you dress better.

How to Choose the Best Winter Jumper?

Do you need more jumpers but don't know where to begin? Our professional guide curates the best options.

Knits are a vital component of any man's winter wardrobe, but the sheer number of forms, patterns, and colors available may make selecting the appropriate item challenging. Of course, a jumper is a functional garment, but it's also crucial to ensure that it looks (and feels) wonderful. Continue reading for our professional advice on choosing the perfect winter jumper, from hoodies and cardigans to essential crews and everything in between.

Use fall colors

For the time being, abandon black and sombre, dark tones in favor of brighter, livelier hues. Strong autumnal colors will improve your emotions while also distinguishing your attire from everyone else's. 'Oranges and spicy tones have transferred from the catwalk into the current palette,' says Peter Kane, John Lewis' style advisor. Other fall tones are also popular, such as amber, scarlet, dark green, and yellow. And what's even better? Wear them all at once, like the color block jumper by John Lewis seen at the top of the page.

Choose fabrics that are soft and supple.

Fine, flexible fabrics – such as cashmere – make perfect layering pieces, whether you’re wearing a suit to work or loose trousers and a thick jacket on the weekend. ‘Wool and cashmere are great options for your winter knits,’ advises Elliot Jones, style advisor at John Lewis. ‘I like them in a quarter zip or crew neck, two styles which make the fabrics feel contemporary.’

Consider both form and function.

Kane argues, "Your winter jumper is no longer just a functional piece of menswear." 'It has become a statement staple, allowing you to experiment with color, texture, and your preferred fabric.' Looking through your closet and considering which things may complement – rather than detract from – your current style favorites is a good place to start. Will a zip-up hoodie go with most of your clothes, or should you go for a fisherman-style jumper?

Texture, weave, and mixing stronger materials like cord and wool with lighter ones like cashmere and silk mixes should be the focus of a well-balanced winter outfit. 'A nice approach to add texture is to use different yarn varieties,' says style guru Danny Hunter. So, for example, layering a lighter silk mix or a cotton shirt and a cardigan would do wonders for your look.

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