What Is the Best Way to Wear a Raincoat for Men?

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What Is the Best Way to Wear a Raincoat for Men?

The raincoat... it's for youngsters waiting for the bus in the rain and the utterly unfashionable in hiking trousers and comfy shoes.Except in the most traditional sense, we haven't seen it on the fashion radar in a long time. How can guys dress up a raincoat?

The Techy Raincoat The ripple effects of tech fashion have rescued raincoats from the depths of wardrobes and military surplus stores, and it now ranks with your lugged lace-ups and Canada Jackets made of goose down.However, fresh attention necessitates reconsidering what the raincoat truly accomplishes, which is to keep you dry. It's a simple notion, but is it enough for the contemporary man to give up umbrellas?Consider this: many technological raincoats can be packed into a pouch, they provide full covering from the waist up, and the wind will not bend it to the point of being useless.

How to Dress Stylishly in a Raincoat for Men.

And, if we're going to go to such measures to get the ideal water-resistant down jacket, what is a raincoat if not an extra layer of protection for your hoodie, bomber, or denim after spring arrives and puffers are no longer practical?

With these points in mind, let’s re-think the raincoat’s status:

How to Wear Raincoat

The flying jacket and trench coat can both be traced back to military service, while the raincoat's origins are less apparent. Garments designed to shelter the user from rain date back to ancient China, although the materials employed - such as bamboo - are far from the jacket's modern design.

Rather, it appears to have emerged in tandem with the creation of waterproof fabrics - by Scottish scientist Charles Macintosh, who simply bonded two pieces of cloth to rubber. Coats of similar structure first appeared in the 1820s, and the term "Macs" is still used colloquially to designate waterproof clothing today.

Trench-style raincoats - think of Burberry's iconic design - found a place in many men's wardrobes along the way. However, by the second part of the twentieth century, the raincoat had lost its use to umbrellas and had been consigned to the periphery of the garment business.

How to Put on Raincoats

Today,however, three crucial elements have contributed to its resurgence. One, many seemingly innocuous male goods include technological qualities such as moisture-wicking, abrasion-resistant, and water-repellent capabilities, which increase their everyday use.

Second, workplace shapes and elements have entered the streetwear culture to the point that wide-cut overalls and shirt jackets go unnoticed.

Thirdly, on the subject of streetwear again, the outdoor clothing market – also on the sidelines or associated with bros and their basic girlfriends – has started recalculating its position.

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The Modern Raincoat

Consider going beyond the yellow or brilliantly patterned one you might have worn as a youngster, or the plain army green one your parents had to wear while going outside in the rain. Today's raincoat feels and looks quite different, maybe informed in part by Vetements' experimentation with hiking gear.To begin, designs tend to go in one of two paths. On the technical end, the coat is similar to an anorak or a track jacket, and it frequently has several pockets. Burberry's iconic silhouette reigns supreme: knee-length, with a distinct collar, buttoned front, and hand pockets.

How to Put on Raincoats

In terms of structure, we've gone a long way since Macintosh's creation. Lightweight solutions, essentially, start with ripstop nylon or polyester and include a waterproof covering as well as fully sealed seams.

The classic end, on the other hand, draws inspiration from both modern and traditional workwear: waxed cotton or wool with a water-repellent coating for enhanced performance.

Because you anticipate more from your jacket, designers frequently include features such as pit zips to release heat, packable hoods, gussets for flexibility, additional pockets, or a drawstring hem.

These days, a raincoat isn’t just a shield against the elements – it has to fit into a more active, streamlined lifestyle.

How to Wear a Raincoat for Men

1. Raincoats should be worn as an additional layer.

Unless you live in a consistently hot and humid region, your raincoat should be large enough to be worn over a hoodie, sweatshirt, or lightweight bomber.

Take a cue from the outdoor industry's hardshell coats: these jackets are designed to be light and packable, ready to deploy over whatever you're wearing at the drop of a hat.

2. Stay away from rigid, old-fashioned raincoats.

In today's technological world, the mantra is "movement." So, whether the material has a little of elasticity (a factor presumably based on a regular softshell jacket) or gussets in important spots, a raincoat should never impede your motions. After all, you have to commute and explore in this monster.

3. Keep your raincoat compact.

For the more technical components, if the jacket's only purpose is to keep you dry, go for something small. It should ideally fit into its own pocket, generally on the inside, or a separate bag.

4. Go for a fully waterproof raincoat

It’s the difference between a windbreaker – usually water resistant – and a hardshell. Beyond the everyday to adventure design, a hardshell tends to be fully waterproof – essentially, for submersion and more demanding wet conditions – and is completely seam sealed, so that moisture won’t seep through.Yet, at the same time, make sure the jacket won’t lock heat in – a downfall with many waterproof materials. How to Wear Raincoats

5. Know how to style your raincoat

At this point, it’s stating the obvious, but for a quick primer, any raincoat designed like an anorak or track jacket is best paired with casual or outdoor-inspired pieces – think T-shirts, jeans, wide-legged pants, and even your everyday button-fronts.

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