Types of Fleece

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Types of Fleece

There are several sorts of fleece available today, with new variations being launched to the market each year. We'll go through the three main types so you can better match your next fleece clothing purchase to your needs.

What Exactly Is Microfleece?

Microfleece is the lightest and thinnest form of fleece. These are the traditional mid-layers worn over base layers and beneath rain jackets and waterproof coats. Microfleece has the least amount of insulation but the most permeability, making it perfect for energetic pursuits in mild weather.

Microfleece is generally defined as any fleece with a weight of less than 200gsm. They have the most flexibility when it comes to physical training because their physique isn't too bulky to hinder mobility. The relatively light weight of this sort of fleece is its defining trait, and it's usually selected as an outer layer when the weather outside is moderate.

Multiple pockets and a wide hood are unlikely to be seen on microfleece because the goal is to make it simple and lightweight.

Fleece in a medium weight

Mid-weight fleece covers the middle ground of the spectrum. This fleece can easily be worn as an outer layer on hikes and treks when the weather is chilly. Mid-weight fleece is much warmer than lightweight fleece and has higher insulating properties, as well as being more comfortable and breathable.

This type of fleece will offer less flexibility than microfleece but is thick enough to be a good everyday outer layer in cool conditions and a mid-layer when the temperature dips and you have to pair it with a base layer and waterproof jacket, as long as you’re not pursuing high-energy activities.

Heavyweight Fleece

Heavyweight fleece is at the top of the fleece weight scale, weighing 300gsm or more. As a thermal fleece, this style of fleece is best suited for extremely cold weather with restricted physical activity.

The least flexible fleece is heavyweight fleece, yet it is also the warmest and most insulating. This can be suffocating if worn when exercising or exerting oneself physically, since you will soon overheat. The sole exception is when you're outside in really hard climes near polar or Arctic conditions, where you'll need all the insulation you can get.

Heavyweight fleece makes for a great outer layer in cold weather too, and can be staggeringly warm. Our Lovell Kids’ Full Zip Fleece Hoodie is 300gsm, making it a real titan of cold defence.

Textured Fleece

Textured fleece is similar in weight to heavyweight fleece but has a patterned outer layer. This is mostly for cosmetic purposes, however textured fleece is even softer to the touch and more comfortable than standard fleece.

Textured fleeces, which are often luxurious-looking and velvety, are the dressiest of the bunch and are great for wearing as an outer layer when out in the cold, or even as a mid-layer when the chill rises.


Fleece clothing normally has multiple features which add to its versatility and comfort. The eco-friendly material is super durable for one, meaning that a one-off purchase can last you years without going bobbly or raggedy looking. What are some other benefits of the fleece?

It's Super Lightweight

Fleece is an extremely light material. This makes it ideal for fitting into compact backpacks and rucksacks, eliminating the need to carry about bulky equipment. Imagine carrying a heavy woollen garment for a hike, only to discover wonderful sunshine along the way - you'd be irritated about having to lug it around with you. Warmth may be obtained for half the weight by wearing a lightweight fleece jacket or hoodie.

It's Adjustable Fleeces may feature adjustable hems to allow for correct fastening. With an adjustable hem, you may restrict airflow inside the garment and encapsulate it in a more windproof structure.

It Gets Rid of Sweat

As well as locking in the heat and regulating body temperature, fleece is a wicking material that will wick moisture away from the body. This will prevent sweat from lingering and dampening your skin.

It’ll Keep You Warm as Can Be

Many jumpers and jackets are made of thermal fleece and include a windproof front for further warmth and protection against the elements. This raised collar will keep you warm in strong winds and harsh weather while also giving the fleece a classic flair.

Combine your new fleece with a Men's or Women's Gilet for the ideal in-between-season look. Use our Trespass discount code to get a fantastic bargain.

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