The Silhouette Trend for Men's Down Jacket

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The Silhouette Trend for Men's Down Jacket


As a must-have style for autumn and winter, cotton down jackets are often the key items of major brands. There are more practical trends in this season. The vest is presented with volume filling, which has a great sense of shape and keeps warm and wears an attitude; the practical box-shaped short silhouette is also worthy of attention as the basic silhouette; The sense of fashion and the need for warmth will be the choice of more consumers. Combination and multi-wear two-piece silhouettes are often presented this season, which can be focused on and developed; hip-length jackets are also indispensable as the most practical item in winter, and they can be combined with different prints or fabrics to create multi-style products.


Massive Protective Vest

This season, cotton down vests are showing a trend of diversification. The sense of volume presented by the high amount of down filling is the biggest feature, and there are also different changes in length. For example, the short silhouette with expanded shoulders of Rains, and the drawstring silhouette of the ultra-short hem of JUMPERZHANG, etc., all give this silhouette a fresher look. At the same time, the basic long style is also presented with volume and down filling, giving consumers a sense of warmth and protection.


Practical box type short style

The short box-shaped silhouette with strong wearability has appeared in the releases of major brands this season. The clean and neat box-shaped structure gives a simple appearance. It has strong applicability to various styles of fabrics. There is also a large design space in terms of shape, which can interpret different styles and feelings. The detail design can focus on the shape design of the collar.


Truncated and volume-filled down

With both a sense of fashion and the need for warmth, short down with high down filling is loved by more consumers. The high amount of down filling maximizes the warmth of wearing, and the fluffy down presents an inflated and very individual volume silhouette. The short waist-hip length style is designed to be more practical and inclusive, and the choice of fabrics is also more selective. widely.



Wear two pieces more

The two-piece cotton down design is one of the key silhouettes of this season. It has strong practicality and has a sense of layering. The detachable and detachable design can also adapt to the needs of various occasions and climate changes. At the same time, the detailed design can also highlight the product quality and design ingenuity. For example, meagratia uses the shoulder loops of the coat to connect the waistcoat shoulder design, etc., reflecting the role of connection.


Hip-length dress

As the most practical item in winter, the loose-fitting hip-length jacket is also essential, and its strong inclusiveness makes it easy for any figure to control. In winter, fashion and warmth are both functional, which is the designer's key consideration. The windproof and warm high-neck silhouette is loved by most consumers. It can also be flexibly handled as a detachable hat to facilitate matching with different needs. Incorporate detailed elements such as adjustable drawstrings to increase fashion.


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