The Chinese winter apparel industry

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The Chinese winter apparel industry

The Chinese down jacket market was worth almost 121 billion RMB in 2019. According to CNBData's 2019 Insight on Online Down Jacket Consumers Report, conducted in partnership with TMall, 70% of online buyers who purchased a puffer jacket that year were female, with the majority of them residing in Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities. In 2021, Chinese luxury consumers named Canada Goose, Bosideng, and Moncler as the top three most popular brands in China's down jacket market, but the current hype for puffer jackets, fueled in part by Beijing's hosting of the 2022 Winter Olympics, is attracting new players, including French brand Nivose and Canadian outwear company Mackage.

Puffer jackets shed skin as the wind of change blows.

With rising living standards and the development of tech-savvy luxury-addicted Gen-Z consumers as the new driving force of the Chinese fashion sector, China's down jacket market is undergoing significant transformation. Today, five major trends can be seen that help us predict the future of China's down jacket market.

Quality is essential, and goose-down is becoming increasingly popular.

When it comes to purchasing a down jacket, Chinese customers today prioritize quality. Indeed, 68% of those polled by CNBData cited it as the most important factor influencing their purchasing decisions. Nowadays, Chinese buyers are more concerned with the padding material and percentage amount of a puffer jacket. Although duck-down is still the most popular padding, sales of higher-quality goose-down jackets are rapidly expanding. Fabrics are also important: new clothing, such as that made with waterproof Gore-Tex, is gaining popularity.


A larger customer base

Despite the fact that Millennials buy the most puffy outwear, Gen-Z is the fastest-growing demographic. Furthermore, as puffer outwear extends throughout the country, the consumer base of China's down jacket market becomes even more diverse.

CNBData is a data source designed by Daxue Consulting. Down jacket online shopping frequency by age group in 2019

Design and functionality

Originality and glamor are becoming keywords in China's down jacket market as younger generations' interest in puffer outwear rises. Puffer clothing is no longer merely for keeping warm; it must also be a tool for expressing the owner's personality and style. Combining multiple styles and riding the Guochao wave and nostalgic fever can transform down jackets into must-haves for Chinese youthful customers. Nonetheless, different age groups have varied fashion tastes. According to the CNBData survey, large jackets are preferred by Gen-Z customers, while thin fit jackets are preferred by Millennials.


Getting to the top

The increased emphasis on quality and innovation is propelling China's down jackets from fast fashion to the enthralling world of luxury. In an effort to attract Chinese Gen-Z luxury-loving clients, more and more puffer outwear manufacturers are creating collaborations with famous names in the fashion industry and beginning to have their own runway displays during Fashion Weeks.

Breaking the seasonal curse

Between December 2020 and January 2021, Chinese internet users looked for the term "down jacket" 155 times higher than in June and July. Understandably, puffer coats are closely associated with winter and chilly weather, leaving businesses' profits dry in the spring and summer. As a result, major companies in China's down jacket market are now attempting to reduce their reliance on seasonality by offering lighter and cooler gear during the spring and summer months. In an effort to expand beyond their renowned parkas, Canadian outwear company Canada Goose has launched a line of lightweight down jackets, rainwear, and windwear, while Italian luxury brand Moncler has expanded its product range and released a waterproof rain poncho, pet apparel, and perfumes. Now, 66% of Chinese consumers say they want to buy a down jacket out of season, giving outwear businesses plenty of leeway to increase sales steadily.

Canada Goose Official Chinese Website, Canada Goose light jacket

Bosideng and Peacebird are two of China's leading down jacket manufacturers.

Bosideng, a Chinese outwear company, ended 2016 with a revenue of roughly 5.8 billion RMB, an 8% decrease from the previous year. Nonetheless, following a massive makeover in 2017, which resulted in a rebranding and subsequent repositioning on the Chinese market, Bosideng's revenues continued to climb, reaching nearly 12.2 billion RMB during the fiscal year 2019-2020. The Chinese outwear business boosted its profile by inviting western influencers like Chiara Ferragni to its catwalk displays during Milan and New York Fashion Weeks. Furthermore, in order to position itself in the mid-to-high-end category, the brand created collaborations with prominent stylists such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Kenzo.

Official Website of Bosideng, Bosideng x Gaultier collection

Peacebird, a Chinese fashion group, took a different approach. Peacebird Women, Peacebird Men, Mini Peace, LED'IN, Peacebird Home, Petit Avril, Coppolella, and Material Girl are among the eight distinct brands in the group. Peacebird Women, in particular, managed to capture the attention of Gen-Z consumers by capitalizing on the success of feminist values among young Chinese women: in 2020, the brand launched a Mulan collection encouraging women to break traditional rules like the character Hua Mulan, while in 2021, the Peacebird slogan exhorted girls to be themselves. Furthermore, in order to capture the attention of Chinese young consumers, the Ningbo-based company partnered with many KOLs, minimized the time lag between new launches, used nostalgic marketing strategies, and dubbed clients as "PB girls," strengthening their sense of community.

What can brands learn from new trends in the Chinese down jacket market?

The Chinese consumer's obsession with puffer jackets is currently altering the market. The jacket industry in China is being marked down by the five primary trends listed below.

Nowadays, Chinese customers choose higher-quality apparel and are more concerned about stuffing materials and fabrics.

The puffer outwear industry's consumer base is expanding, drawing an increasing number of young individuals. Furthermore, Southern Chinese citizens began to buy more down jackets.

Down coats are no longer merely for keeping warm; instead, businesses should focus on unique and attractive clothes to attract Gen-Zs.

Puffer outwear is steadily making its way from fast fashion to high fashion as a result of a stronger attention on quality and uniqueness, as well as a new endeavor to reach luxury-obsessed Chinese Gen-Z customers.

If brands want to increase their growth rate, they should concentrate their efforts on reducing the severe seasonality of puffer outwear sales. Indeed, the majority of Chinese buyers say they are eager to buy down jackets all year.

Two potential Chinese outwear brands are Bosideng and Peacebird. Following a difficult period in the second half of the 2010s, Bosideng was able to undergo a significant transformation that enhanced the company's growth and repositioned it on the market. Peacebird, on the other hand, is seeking to capture the attention of Gen-Z women by transmitting feminist ideas and capitalizing on young Chinese people's nostalgia for the past.


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