Structure Detail Knitted Sweater

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Structure Detail Knitted Sweater

Sporty styles and functional details have gradually penetrated into the category design of the fashion field.

Key crafts:

Splicing of different materials

partial printing/embroidery

asymmetric deconstruction

Labeling decoration


Common change position

Neckline/Cuff/Hem/Side/Front/Back Pattern etc.

4 (2)

The details of the style

4 (1)

1The trendy style pays more attention to the visual eye-catching, and the brand logo is often used to enlarge and arrange continuously, contrasting colors and splicing, matching outdoor accessories, etc.


2Fashionable commuting style pays more attention to the texture and comfort of the style. It often uses different materials of the same color to make relevant changes, or to embellish some details. While it has bright spots, it is not too exaggerated. Diverse and inclusive matching meets the needs of daily work and life Dressing needs.


3Casual literary and artistic style pays more attention to the selection of natural and environmentally friendly materials, and the evolution of design details with adjacent colors or deconstructed silhouettes, with the continuation of design tonality and the connection of drinking styles.


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