Selection Of Pocket Design

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Selection Of Pocket Design

Pocket design is one of the local styling designs of clothing, and it plays a very important role in the design of outdoor, mountain and functional styles. The hidden pocket design enhances the practicability and storage of the style through the internal structure design, but the appearance can also highlight the simple visual shape.


The detachable design not only facilitates consumers' matching choices, but also increases the layering and freedom of clothing, suitable for creating multi-occasion clothing.


The application of multiple pockets can enhance the layering and practicality of clothing through layout, material splicing and color contrast, and create a modular visual effect.


The design of the pocket will have a considerable impact on the overall style and artistic taste of the garment. The regular size of the pocket is deliberately enlarged and combined with the silhouette of the garment to highlight the sense of shape.


Through the asymmetric splicing design, it breaks the visual effect presented by conventional pockets and creates a sense of confusion.


Through the collision of materials and splicing of colors With the continuation of outdoor, mountain, function and pragmatism, the pocket design of the style is particularly important. The splicing of different materials highlights the artistic beauty of detailed design through the collision of materials and the contrast of tones.


Adjustable drawstrings are often used in outdoor style items because of their own stretching properties.


Combine protective accessories such as buckles, carabiners, zippers and drawstrings with the pocket design to highlight the outdoor functional style.


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