Reproofing A Waterproof Jacket

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Reproofing A Waterproof Jacket

To make the jacket waterproof, most waterproof coats have two different types of coating. The middle waterproof section is made of a membrane that keeps water from passing through the jacket fabric. The water cannot perish because of this barrier, even if the outer layer soaks it. Durable water repellent, generally known as DWR, is used for secondary forms of coating. This coating loses effectiveness over time and must be replaced. Because of the less effective DWR, the jacket is bulky and difficult to wear in the rain. It also causes clamminess. It needs to be reproofed to make the jacket breathable and waterproof again. The reproofing process is quite basic, and anyone may perform it with some simple goods. We'll go over how to reproof a waterproof garment.

How do you know whether your jacket needs to be reproofed?

There are numerous ways to check if the waterproof element of a waterproof garment is working correctly or not. Among these ways, the best way to check the quality is to pour some water on the coat’s outer layer. If the waterproof feature is still active, the water you poured will bead up and form droplets. If the element is not working properly, you will notice that the outer layer is soaking up water, making the fabric of the jacket wet, and as the water is saturated, the fabric color will appear darker than usual. If the water does not form droplets but is absorbed by the fabric, it is time to reproof the jacket.

If you wear a jacket just seldom, reproofing it every two or three years is sufficient. However, if you use the jacket in harsh weather, you might consider reproofing the cloth more frequently than usual.

Cleaning a Waterproof Jacket:

When a jacket gets filthy, the waterproofing feature loses effectiveness. So the first step should be to clean the jacket. Cleaning a jacket is not difficult. Following the specified instructions on the jacket is the most effective way to clean it. If there are no instructions printed on the jacket, hand wash it with a mild soap such as Nikwax Tech Wash. For the best results, use warm water. If you are unsure whether detergent can be used to wash the jacket, we recommend that you do not do so. It could damage the jacket's material.

If any spot or patch need special attention, rub, scrub, and gently wipe the area with a spotted cloth or a brush. If you want to dry the jacket, you can do it in a dryer or naturally. Check the instructions to see if there are any recommendations. To ensure fabric safety, dry it on the lowest heat setting possible in the dryer.

Examine the waterproof feature after washing and drying. If it works, the jacket can be worn again. However, if it isn't working, you should reproof it.


Choose the best product:

You will need to purchase certain products to reproof the jacket. There are numerous reproofing alternatives available for purchase. However, you must ensure that you select the appropriate product to reproof your jacket. So, for the greatest results, invest in a high-quality reproofing product.

To reproof a jacket, you must use some reproofing substances, as well as a washing machine and dryer. You can use a tumble dryer or a hair dryer to dry the jacket. These reproofing liquids not only reproof a waterproof feature, but also remove the embedded dirt from the jacket's exterior layer, resulting in the fiber's longevity.

Making the jacket

After selecting the appropriate product, it is time to prepare the jacket for use with that product. Close all of the zippers and straps on your chosen jacket. Because the outer layer of the jacket is required for reproofing, ensure sure it is not turned inside-out for the greatest results.

Washing machine cleaning

Any form of detergent is damaging to a jacket's DWR. That is why you must ensure that no detergent remains in the washing machine. To do so, you must first clean the machine. After emptying the detergent tray, add 500ml vinegar and a towel to the washing machine and run it on the hottest setting. It will thoroughly clean the washing machine.

The reproofing process employs a washing proofer.

Step 1: Follow the product instructions to pour the required amount of liquid into the detergent component of the washing machine.

Step 2: Place your jacket in the washing machine and set the temperature to 30 degrees Celsius.

Step 3: Dry the jacket in a tumble dryer on low or medium heat.

Another method for reproofing a waterproof jacket is to use a reproof spray. This is a simple procedure. To begin, purchase a high-quality reproof spray to ensure the best reproofing. After picking the spray, test it on a small section of the jacket because certain sprays can destroy the coat's fiber. As a result, ensure that the spray you purchased works efficiently on your jacket fabric without causing any harm. Before using the spray, make sure your jacket is clean.

Reproofing process with reproofing spray

Step 1: Hang the jacket on a hanger or a line to dry.

Step 2: evenly spray the outer layer of your jacket. For a convenient result, place it every 15-20cm.

Step 3: Inspect the jacket to ensure that every stain is appropriately distributed.

Step 4: Wipe away the surplus liquid with a wet cloth.

Step 5: Leave it there to dry naturally.

After you've done that correctly, your jacket will be waterproof again. You may now wear it even in extreme weather without fear of getting wet.

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