How to Choose a Down Jacket this Winter?

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How to Choose a Down Jacket this Winter?

【Velvet type and quality】

Down jacket filling is generally: down/feather

Down - insulation

feathers - support

The order of quality is:

White goose down>Gray goose down>White duck down>Gray duck down.

【Three keywords】

"Fleece Content", "Filling Amount" and "Fillness"

"Fashion content"

The proportion of down to the whole (down + feather)

Key indicators of quality, the higher the cashmere content, the better the warmth retention effect

70% - up to the standard

80% - cold resistance

90% - optimal

"Fleece filling"

Grams of filling feather and down

For down jackets with the same down content, the higher the down content, the warmer it will be


Cubic inches of volume per 30 grams of down

An indicator to measure whether it has good warmth retention

Under the same amount of down filling, the higher the bulkiness, the better the warmth retention.

【Four steps to judge the quality of down】

Take a look - look at the tag/washing label

Comparing each indicator, the higher the data, the more worth buying.

Two rolls - roll up the sleeves to see the bulkiness

Roll up your sleeves and let go

If it is very slow to recover fluffy, don't buy it!

Three weighs—weigh the whole piece to see the weight

High-quality down jacket, warm + light,

Weigh the weight before buying, fluffy but light, worth buying

Bulky and dry, don't buy it!

Four rubbings - rubbing the fabric to see the workmanship

A high-quality down jacket will have four layers of fabric inside and outside

Rub it with your hands, there is no inner multi-layer fabric, don't buy it!



【Correct cleaning of down jacket】

Hand wash at 30°C, do not machine wash or dry clean

Dry cleaning liquid affects warmth retention and ages fabrics

Machine wash and spin dry, the clothes are easy to lose shape and lose warmth

Use neutral detergent

Down is a protein fiber, and the neutral detergent is the least harmful

Avoid hand rubbing and wringing

Wring out with external force, the down is easily damaged

Squeeze out moisture, lay flat or hang to dry, prohibit exposure and ironing.


【Daily maintenance of down jacket】


Don't pull the dick, it's better to push it back

Pat the clothes lightly before wearing to smooth out the flakes

not fluffy❓

During the drying process, gently pat the down jacket

Gently blow the surface and inside of the down jacket with the hot air of the hair dryer


Wipe with cotton ball dipped in alcohol and dry with a clean damp towel.


【Treatment of different stains】

Oil stains

The toothpaste is moist, apply evenly on the oil stains, and wash with a small amount of water

Coffee Stains

Wipe with a mixed solution of glycerin and egg yolk, rinse with clean water after a little dry


Wipe with white vinegar solution, let stand for 5 minutes and rinse with water.


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