How Should a Woman Wear a Puffer Jacket?

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How Should a Woman Wear a Puffer Jacket?

Stay with us if you want to acquire a magnificent puffer jacket for winter but don't know how to style it!

Looks that are both urban and sporty

Do you want to make your winter jacket stand out in a sporty and exciting way? Then, we propose pairing your puffer jacket with leggings and sneakers for an athletic look.

If you want to go for a more urban and casual style, combine your quilted jacket with sweaters and jeans.

Looking for a more technical look to wear on your outdoor adventures?

In this scenario, we recommend layering with a fleece and more technical shoes, such as multi-purpose/hybrid shoes or hiking shoes. With a warm beanie, you'll be set for an expedition! A hooded puffer jacket is also a terrific alternative!

A Stylish and Elegant Look

Looking for a stylish and sophisticated winter outfit? First and foremost, you might choose an oversized puffer jacket, a puffer jacket with large baffles and a hood, or a short cropped puffer jacket. These have become wardrobe classics, and they are stylish outfit ideas for staying warm and chic during the winter season.

You could wear boots, a dress, a beautiful bag, and a pair of stylish sunglasses with your winter outerwear.

A Monochromatic Style

We have such a nice, on-trend, and beautiful aesthetic here! Wear a monochrome suit and mix it with your warmest puffer jacket for a sleek and popular look that will keep you warm and stylish all day.

Choosing Women's puffer coats in contrasting colors is one of the greatest ways to wear it. Choose all-white sweaters, match them with jeans or other bottoms, and then cover your entire body with a bright yellow or red puffer jacket. For a black and white aesthetic, a classic black puffer jacket would look fantastic!

Coordination of Colors

Color matching is essential if you want to dress your puffer like a fashion professional. Choose a more conventional neutral-colored or monochromatic ensemble to complement your look if your jacket is a vibrant color. For the rest of your outfit, stick to neutral colors like grey, black, white, or dark blue.

A variety of accessories are ideal for wearing with your winter puffer! Choose a beanie cap, gloves, or a scarf to complete your ensemble, and you'll be stunning! Furthermore, if you want to style your outfit from head to toe, we recommend paying attention to the color and design of your handbag or backpack.

Contrast Your Silhouettes

To maintain your style balanced and appealing, understand how to contrast your silhouettes together. To balance an oversized coat, wear tighter leggings or pants. Conversely, a broader leg looks better with cropped puffer jackets or coats with belts.

Color matching is important if you want to dress your puffer like a fashion professional. If your jacket is a bright color, choose a more classic neutral-colored or monochromatic ensemble to balance your look. For the remainder of your attire, stick to neutral colors like grey, black, white, or dark blue.

What Size Should a Puffer Jacket Be?

How should a puffer jacket be properly fitted? Actually, it's difficult to answer because the exact fit is largely determined by how you want to wear it and your personal tastes. However, we can assist you in styling your puffer jacket to fit numerous types of appearances. Let us look at it together.

How Does a Puffer Work with an Urban Look?

Men's or women's puffer coats with large baffles are recommended for an urban style. Oversized or fitting puffer coats with large baffles are a popular choice for a fashionable metropolitan style! Furthermore, because they come in a variety of cuts, colors, lengths, and features, you'll have no trouble finding the right match for you.

How Should a Puffer Look with an Outdoor Outfit?

A more technical suit is what we normally refer to as an outdoor look. It is ideal for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and fishing, for example. In this instance, we recommend going with the most comfortable puffer jacket you can find. You don't want to be too loose or too tight! Both light puffer jackets with modest baffles and down puffer jackets (insulated jackets stuffed with duck/geese feathers) are excellent choices. Down puffer coats are recognized for being easy to pack and lightweight, so you don't feel weighed down inside.

Let's have a look at some pointers!


Check the size of your puffer jacket to ensure that you are completely comfy. You should be able to freely move your arms and shoulders. The most critical aspect is that it is not too tight or too loose. The jacket's sleeves should be long enough to cover your wrists and not ride up as you move your arms.


For an outdoor style, you should also consider the length of your puffer jacket. A longer puffer jacket will provide greater coverage and warmth to your body, whilst a shorter jacket will be more useful for sports such as hiking or skiing. Longer jackets are recommended if you expect to be exposed to extreme cold.


Choose a color that complements your outdoor attire if you want a trendy and functional look. Neutral colors, such as black, navy, or grey, can be adaptable and mix well with a wide range of other colors. You can also go for a monochromatic look, which is popular these days, or a brighter color like red, pink, or orange to make your outfit stand out.


Depending on the weather and activities, a puffer jacket can be worn as a mid-layer or as an outer garment. It can be worn beneath a shell jacket in cold weather and on its own in warm weather.

If you intend to layer, go for oversized puffer jackets or loose-fitting puffers.


If the weather is extremely chilly, you can complete your outdoor outfit with accessories such as a beanie hat, gloves, and a scarf. It not only offers warmth to your attire, but it also adds style and personality.

Our extensive collection of puffer jackets provides warmth and comfort in both cold winter and mild seasons. You'll find synthetic insulation made of synthetic and efficient materials, as well as down insulating jackets made of high-quality material that traps body heat.

What's the Difference Between a Puffer Jacket and a Down Jacket?

Having a decent jacket is vital for remaining warm throughout the harsh winter months. Puffer and down jackets are two popular choices, but what's the difference?

Feathers vs. Synthetic

Let us begin with a clarification. Not all puffer jackets for men and women are comprised of synthetic material. We also provide RDS (Responsible Down Standard) certified natural down puffer jackets insulated with duck and goose feathers. This accreditation ensures animal welfare and the appropriate sourcing of raw resources.

Puffer jackets filled with polyester or recycled polyester are designed to simulate the insulating benefits of down without the use of feathers.

When we combine our Omni-Heat Infinity reflecting technology with high-quality synthetic insulation fibers, we get one of the warmest results.

Down jackets provide good insulation due to their ability to trap air and have a superior weight/heat ratio than synthetics, but both still give warmth and true cold protection.

The Look Puffer jackets are notable for their large baffles, which give them a characteristic urban and "puffy" appearance. They offer a more casual design and are ideal for folks who wish to feel warm while yet looking trendy. These jackets are available in a number of colors, cuts, and features, making them an excellent choice for a variety of events.

Down jackets, on the other hand, typically have smaller baffles that provide a more streamlined appearance. Indeed, this design feature makes down jackets perfect for outdoor sports that require mobility, such as hiking or skiing. In other words, they are ideal for anyone looking for an active and functional jacket. Like puffer coats, they come in a range of colors, shapes, features, and styles, allowing you to select the right match!

The Packability

Are you seeking for a winter jacket that is easy to pack and compress? Because of their bigger size, puffer coats might be more difficult to pack.

However, at Columbia, a handful are packable, allowing them to be compressed and stored in a backpack if necessary. Down jackets are naturally more packable and compressible due to their smaller baffles.


Puffer coats typically weigh more than down jackets. Down traps air between its fibers, forming a layer of insulation that keeps you warm. Down coats are extremely lightweight and packable, making them an excellent choice for travel! Lightweight puffer jackets are also available at Columbia.


Now that you've learned the key differences between puffers and down coats, let's look at what they each have to offer.

First and foremost, both winter coats are extremely warm due to high-quality materials and our various reflecting technologies. Whether it's a puffer jacket or a down jacket, you'll discover the ideal garment to keep you warm from mild to intense cold.

Furthermore, both jackets may include a hood to shield your head from rain, wind, and cold weather. If you're travelling to the mountains, a hooded jacket is an excellent choice. Please keep in mind that some of our coats have a detachable hood to allow you to tailor your style to your specific demands.

Finally, both types can have a variety of useful qualities such as waterproofing, water resistance, hooding, and ease of packing... Both jackets have several pockets as well.

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