Everything You Need To Know About Men's Windbreaker Jackets

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Everything You Need To Know About Men's Windbreaker Jackets

You most likely possess a windbreaker, and if not, you've seen one. Because of its ability to keep us warm in cold weather, the windbreaker jacket is one of the most flexible and fashionable jackets on the market today. These jackets are a short, close-fitting garment, often with a hood, made of high-quality textiles that protect our bodies from the wind. Windbreakers are lightweight and a perfect addition to any casual appearance!

Where Did Windbreakers Originate?

Windbreakers became fashionable in the 1970s, but if you dig far enough back, you may discover these coats as far back as 500 years. Windbreakers are derived from parkas, which were invented by Inuits in response to freezing temperatures. The parka was composed of two animal skins at the time: seal and caribou.

The Inuit stitched the two skins together, with the skin side facing out and the hair side facing in. They were able to trap warm air inside the jacket, which was also weatherproof due to the seal skin, by doing so! This was the beginning of one of today's most popular jackets: the windbreaker! Western polar explorers picked up these waterproof insulating coats in the twentieth century. They altered the jacket, which was then sold on the sportswear market.

Following World War II and societal improvements, nylon replaced animal skins, and the invention of waterproof textiles resulted in the manufacturing of thinner jackets. During the 1970s, these jackets became increasingly popular among men who wanted to look attractive while simultaneously wearing something functional.

Windbreakers are now often composed of nylon, polycotton, or various cotton blends. To survive rain, these materials are frequently coated with a waterproofing treatment.

What is the Purpose of a Windbreaker Jacket?

Convective heat loss is substantially increased when there is movement in the air, whether it is a slight dip in temperature or a chilly breeze. A windproof jacket acts as a barrier, slowing heat loss and keeping you warm at all times.


What Is the Difference Between a Rain Jacket and a Windbreaker?

Windbreakers are wind and rain resistant garments composed of breathable nylon. Because of their design, they are lighter and more compact. They are also less expensive than rain, hard shell, and insulated coats. A windbreaker is typically a form-fitting outer jacket with an elasticized wrist and waistline that sits at your hips. Windbreakers can be worn at any time, but many people find them especially handy when camping, riding, hunting, or participating in any outdoor activity during the fall season.

Rain Jackets: Rain Jackets are normally waist length and have a durable water-resistant coating (DWR) that makes them water resistant. Because they are made of two or more fabrics, such as cotton, polyester, wool, nylon, and/or vinyl, they are bulkier, less breathable, and more expensive than other types of jackets. Because of their multi-layer design, these jackets are more water resistant than a windbreaker. Rain coats are widely worn outside during inclement weather.

Anorak vs. Windbreaker?

These two types of coats are frequently confused with one another, although they are not. We've talked about windbreakers and will continue to do so, but it's crucial to understand what makes an anorak unique. An anorak jacket is basically a water-resistant hoodie with a complete zip and buttons to seal it.

6 Different Types of Windbreakers

We're all aware that there are a zillion different sorts of jackets available. Fleece jackets, bomber jackets, sweatshirts, and other styles are available. Windbreakers, on the other hand, have a style for everyone, making them a must-have for everyone's outfit. New products are continuously arriving in stores, and best sellers are constantly changing. Who wouldn't want a water-resistant, lightweight jacket that's ready to go? Windbreakers are available in a variety of styles, including pullovers, half-zips, hooded windbreakers, and more. Here are six different types of windbreakers to be aware of.

Insulated windbreakers have a fleece or cotton inner that keeps them much warmer than ordinary jackets. The liner is intended to boost weather resistance, and the nylon helps to wick rain away from the body, allowing it to breathe better. Insulated windbreakers will help you warm up considerably faster, making them an excellent choice for cooler weather.

Windbreakers with Water Resistant Coatings- on make a windbreaker water resistant, manufacturers attach a DWR coating on the outside of all jackets, making them waterproof. This means that when rain falls on your windbreaker, it will bead up and fall off, keeping you dry! The only difficulty with DWR coatings is that their effectiveness wears off with time. Windbreakers that are water resistant are best suited in rainy conditions.

Single Layer Nylon- The most common type of windbreaker on the market now is single layer nylon. This simply implies that the jacket is constructed from a single piece of thin nylon fabric. These coats are suitable for all seasons, although are most commonly found during the warmer months. When conducting outdoor activities like running or bicycling, many individuals reach for this jacket.

Outer shell jackets- These coats function similarly to rain jackets but are lighter in weight. They tend to fit a little larger, giving you extra room to layer. Although they have the appearance and feel of a rain jacket, they are not water proof. numerous people will choose this jacket when it is cold outdoors and they want to bundle up with numerous layers to be warm.

Polyester Windbreakers- Polyester windbreakers are slightly heavier than nylon windbreakers, making them a little thicker. These jackets are softer and quieter when you move than nylon because of the material. Polyester acts as a barrier in practically all weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for staying warm and dry.

Tricot Windbreakers- When it comes to windbreakers, tricot windbreakers are the heaviest. Tricot is exceptionally soft to the touch, making them extremely pleasant to wear, and the fabric has a faint sheen to it. These coats are not as water resistant as other textiles, but they will keep you toasty! Windbreakers constructed of tricot are best worn in places with colder weather conditions due to their substantial weight.

How to Put on a Windbreaker

So you got a new windbreaker with your gift cards and now you're not sure how to wear it. We can assist! Windbreakers are flexible regardless of whether they are from The North Face, Adidas, or Nike, or whether they are colorblock or camo. It's no secret that these sporting jackets may be worn in a variety of ways.

Wear your windbreaker with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Wear sneakers or loafers to keep things casual. You can also keep it simple and layer your jacket over your sportswear. This makes it ideal for the athleisure styles that have been sweeping the fashion world.

Windbreakers have long been a fashion mainstay, dating back many centuries. Windbreakers are a must-have item for anyone's wardrobe because of their versatility in keeping the cold out while keeping the warmth in! We recommend that you try on many styles of windbreakers to see which one is best for you.

You should also consider where you will be wearing it, as this may influence your choice. If you reside in a colder climate, you might want to consider an insulated windbreaker. If you reside in a warmer climate, choose a single layer nylon windbreaker. When purchasing a windbreaker, you should examine the jacket's characteristics as well as what is most important to you.

Some windbreakers, for example, include an adjustable hood, whilst others do not. Some jackets include DWR that provides better rain protection than others. Whatever you choose, we are confident that you will adore your windbreaker due to its fashionable sleek appearance and adaptability that may be worn all year.

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