Choosing a winter jacket type

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 Choosing a winter jacket type

Winter coats come in a variety of styles, but the three most frequent are:

Puffer coats: Puffer jackets are incredibly adaptable, designed for everything from moderately chilly to really frigid days. Although some are rather thick, puffer jackets are often lighter in weight than parkas. They're wonderful for getting out and about.

Parka: Parkas are thicker and heavier than puffer jackets and are designed for cold to extremely cold weather. They're usually longer and have a more urban vibe, and some have faux fur lining in the hoods. If you reside in a very cold climate or want to visit one, a parka will keep you warm and snug.

Rain jacket:

Designed for rainy or snowy conditions, rain jackets have one major goal: to keep you dry. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the one constant is that they are always waterproof or water-resistant. An outer shell can be used as an outer layer, whereas insulated raincoats can provide both warmth and weather protection.

What causes a jacket to be warm?

Regardless of style, all winter coats have three components that influence performance: insulation, structure, and outer shell. The way you combine these qualities, which all give varied degrees of protection, determines how much warmth and weather protection the jacket delivers.


This is the portion that keeps the heat in. Insulation comes in two varieties: synthetic and natural down. Down is normally warmer, but it does not always tolerate moisture as well. "It's hard to make synthetic insulation warmer than a down feather," Maguire noted. "However, synthetic down, such as ThermaratorTM, is great because it performs better when wet." It does not clump and often dries faster."

Synthetic insulations like Thermarator™ and Omni-Heat™ work great for moderate to cold climates while Turbodown™, which is a blend of both synthetic and natural down, is ideal for cold to extreme cold climates. If you’re seeking maximum warmth in an extra cold climate, opting for natural down (RDS) is often a good choice, or pairing a synthetic option with a warming technology like Omni-Heat™ Infinity or Black Dot.

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