What are the three defenses for textiles?

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What are the three defenses for textiles?

Three-proof fabric refers to ordinary fabrics that have undergone special surface treatment, generally fluorocarbon water repellent, forming a layer of stable air protection film on the surface, so as to achieve the function of waterproof!Oilproof!Antifouling!


The most famous is the ✨Teflon Teflon✨ researched by DuPont in the United States, which has:

1 Oil repellency: Excellent protection, can prevent oily stains from penetrating into the fabric, keep it clean, and reduce the number of washings


2 Water repellency: The principle is the hydrophobicity of the bionic lotus leaf. When water is splashed on it, it will quickly condense into water droplets and slide down. The water repellency is super good

3 Fouling resistance: Dust and dry stains are easy to shake off or brush off, easy to take care of, and reduce washing frequency

4 Does not affect air permeability: The appearance, feel and air permeability of fabrics treated by Teflon are not affected.


Waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling, wear it all day dry and breathable, easy to take care of, it is a good partner for children's daily & outdoor sports.

Is such a black technology fabric suitable for your children to wear? The above spring and autumn coats are all made of three-proof fabrics


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