Fleece Buying Guide: How to Select a Fleece

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Fleece Buying Guide: How to Select a Fleece

How to Pick a Fleece?

When living in a place where the weather is as unpredictable and ever-changing as the UK, it's critical to layer carefully and have alternatives that won't weigh you down but will come in useful when it gets a little too chilly. It's also crucial to have adaptable outdoor clothes that can accomplish several duties in one to avoid hauling a bunch of items around 'just in case'....

Here comes the fleece jacket. A nice fleece may make or break your autumn-winter clothing, as well as your spring-summer wardrobe. Trespass has a variety of women fleece, men's fleece, boy's fleece, and girl's fleece coats.

While many people connect fleece with a warm zipper or a fleece hoodie that's not quite a full-on jacket, this is only one of several fleeced-up garment kinds that would keep you warm even in the dead of winter. So, how does fleece appear? Does the weight change? Is its warmth affected by its weight? Why is it so hot?

What is Fleece Fabric Made Of?

The major advantage of fleece material is its ability to retain body heat and keep it warm. Polyester is the most common synthetic fabric. Polyester is a man-made substance created from two petroleum compounds, which may be recycled plastic. Polyester fleece is also highly robust and moisture-resistant, so it just gets better from here.

Natural wool clothes were formerly the go-to for anyone trying to resist the cold and remain warm outside. However, due to its widespread availability and low cost, fleece has already surpassed wool in popularity as a warmer and more lightweight alternative.

The fleece material is still modelled on natural wool to achieve the ultimate comfort blanket texture that will never let you down in the cold.

Fleece lasts longer since it is moisture resistant and very breathable, preventing the accumulation of natural scents.

It should be emphasized, however, that fleece must be dried with extreme caution since it is combustible and cannot withstand high temperatures. So, if caught in the rain, don't tumble dry or iron it, and if drying over a radiator, make sure it's not too hot, since this might burn the fleece. Combine your fleece with one of our ladies' or men's packable waterproof jackets for lightweight waterproof protection.

As our fleece is made from polyester or cotton – or even sometimes a combination of both – it is wool-free.

For those conscious of their clothing being vegan, you certainly don’t need to freeze when it gets chilly, as fleece (sometimes referred to as synthetic wool) is the most comforting and heat-trapping fabric, yet completely ethical. Designed with enough thickness to keep you warm, you don’t have to sacrifice on style, colour or price to be happy with your clothing.


Fleece is categorised by weight in gsm – or grams per square metre – which can be quite confusing as you might not see weight measured in that format every day, but we can explain. The first-ever fleece manufacturer split garments into groups defined by how many grams of fleece constituted a square metre.

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